Car Remote Key Locksmith Services in Dubai

Car key locksmiths in Dubai can provide a wide range of services to motorists who have lost their car keys or had them stolen. They can cut new keys, program transponder keys, and provide replacement keys for those that have been damaged or lost. They can also offer emergency locksmith services for those locked out of their cars.

Most car key locksmiths in Dubai offer a 24-hour service so they can be contacted any time of the day or night. They usually have a mobile workshop to be brought to the customer’s location. It means that they can provide their services to anyone in the city, regardless of where they are.

Car Remote Key Types:

There are two main types of car keys that locksmiths in Dubai can deal with:

  1. Standard car keys: These are the most common car keys and are usually made from metal. They can be cut using a standard cutting machine and duplicated if necessary.
  2. Transponder keys: These keys have a chip programmed to work with a specific car. They are more expensive than standard keys but are much more challenging to duplicate. Locksmiths in Dubai can program new transponder keys and replace lost or stolen ones.

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